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Why invest in your memory?

A sharp memory is not only beneficial for academic and career success but also plays a crucial role in everyday life. Working on memory exercises may improve:

  • Academic Performance: Ace exams, remember complex theories, and boost your overall learning capabilities.

  • Professional Success: Enhance your job performance, remember important details, and stand out in your career. Enjoy what you do with a little more ease.

  • Everyday Life: Improve your ability to recall names, dates, and important information effortlessly, leading to better decision-making and smoother interactions. Spend less effort wracking your brain to recall information.




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Semantic (category) fluency and letter (phonemic) fluency are the focus of this worksheet packet. Displaced Characters is the first exercise. Your patient will have to read words on one side of the paper and figure out which word is missing on the other side. This game increases in difficulty when your patient has to do this with an entire sentence. Next, your patient will have to figure out what fragments of words can create full words in our printed version of Split Words. The following exercise in this worksheet packet is Decipher. Your patient will have to decipher these very long quotes from famous people. But don’t worry, we’ve given your patients hints. The last exercise works specifically on semantic or category fluency. Your patient will have to sort lists of words into categories.

This packet is excellent for elementary school students and children with reading disabilities. Individuals who have aphasia or have experienced a decline in verbal functioning skills may also find this packet enjoyable.

Included inside: 25 worksheets and bridging questions.


Let’s go to the beach! In this packet, your patient will engage their working and visual memory and attention with a fun twisted-printed version of Heraldry. Your patient will have to study a towel, sort some numbers, and then recreate the towel. This packet will be an excellent tool for your students returning from summer break—clients who will be going on a trip or if they love the beach. 


Our bridging workbooks are designed to help build life skills. In this bridging workbook, your patient will go grocery shopping. They will have to categorize the items they need to buy based on categories. Next, they must navigate the grocery store. Your patient must determine where each item is located within the store. The goal is to teach them how to plan their trip effectively.

Lastly, they will have to calculate the grocery bill. This section is broken into a couple of different segments.

  1. The first segment is simple multiplication skills to determine how much they spend on each item.
  2. The second segment is division skills to determine how much each type they can buy.
  3. The third segment is applying discounts to items they are buying.
  4. And the last second is totaling the entire bill.

After completing this packet, your patient may have a better understanding of what cognitive skills they need to implement to grocery shop. This packet will be great for students ages 10+, individuals working on life skills, and anyone who wants to build better grocery shopping skills.


Does your patient struggle to memorize and focus on comprehending visual information? This packet will test and engage your patient’s visual memory and attention skills. In this packet, your patient will start with a simple chunking exercise, where they must remember the shapes on the grid. Once completed, your patient’s attention skills will be next for stimulation. They will have to pay attention to details as they figure out which item doesn’t belong and find the one icon in a mess of different icons in the private eye exercise. After that, they will have to carefully count the number of ladybugs found on the pages in a print version of catch the ladybug. This version of Catch the Ladybug will challenge their memory and attention. Lastly, the packet will challenge them to recall designs on a shield from memory in Heraldry.

Included inside: 31 worksheets and bridging questions.


Can you remember a shopping list? What about the locations of different items on that list? Sharpen your verbal memory and executive function skills with this word and spatial memorization task, based on the exercise Words Where Are You? This exercise focuses on executive functioning skills such as working memory, attention, and task initiation!


Ready for a memory challenge? Engage your client’s attention and working memory skills using this mini hybrid packet. Find Your Way takes on a new face (or should we say bill) with this cognitive exercise packet. This activity primarily exercises executive functioning skills such as your client’s Attention Skills.


Spring time is here! Attend a flower show and freshen up your spatial memory skills with our fun and floral mini packet based on the exercise Chunking. This exercise is perfect for anyone who is looking to hone their memory skills, and uses executive functioning skills such as working memory, attention, and metacognition!


This is one of our first Memory bundle available. This memory bundle is a great bundle for an general all over memory exercise program. Memory is one of the foundation skills of cognitive functions, if we are experiencing challenges with our memory it can be hard to engage with our families and friends. By exercising your memory, you may see an improvement of your ability to recall information or remember where you placed things.

Bundle + Save

Bundles are a great way to buy more and save more! If you were to buy all of these packets separately, you would pay more than $75. Because we’ve bundled it, you’re getting an instant saving of over 20%! Our bundles are designed to help you buy workbooks for your patients.

What’s included inside: Instant PDF downloads of 6 packets or 99 unique worksheets.  


Dive into a captivating journey of verbal memory with our mini packet, meticulously crafted to challenge your ability to recall words. Drawing inspiration from the engaging game Root It Out, these worksheets serve as exceptional word retrieval exercises for adults, offering a dynamic platform to enhance linguistic skills.

The primary objective of these worksheets is to stimulate verbal memory by generating as many words as possible from given starting letters. With each exercise, you’ll embark on a quest to retrieve and articulate words, honing your ability to recall and express vocabulary effectively.

Versatile Applications:

Ideal for Aphasia treatment activities in therapy groups, individual practice sessions, or learning disability classes, these worksheets offer versatile applications. Whether navigating therapy sessions or seeking self-improvement, this mini packet provides invaluable support for word retrieval challenges.

These exercises enrich language and integrate executive functioning and working memory activities, ensuring holistic cognitive engagement. With each thought-provoking task, you will strengthen your cognitive skills while enhancing your verbal memory proficiency.

Embark on Your Word Retrieval Journey:

Elevate your verbal memory skills with our dynamic word retrieval exercises for adults PDF. Whether you’re navigating therapy sessions or seeking self-improvement opportunities, these worksheets offer invaluable support for enhancing linguistic proficiency. Explore our collection today and embark on a transformative journey toward enhanced verbal memory and cognitive agility.

Included inside: 3 pages of a variety of difficulties and bridging questions

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How good is your memory? Test your working memory and recall abilities in this hybrid memory packet based on the exercise N-Back. This packet utilizes executive functioning skills such as working memory, metacognition, and concentration. Try this packet for working memory activities and test your memory skills!


Try your hand at making your own holiday ornaments, and recalling what they look like. This holiday themed packet will challenge your visual memory as you create and recall different ornaments. This packet uses executive functioning skills such as working memory, metacognition and organization.


We designed this packet as a life skills activity workbook that may improve verbal working memory skills. This packet aims to challenge your client’s ability to remember, recall, and relocate words. Individuals in the food service industry often use these skills.

The first exercise will challenge your verbal memory as your patient combines fragments to make logical words. This progresses from easy two-fragment words to three-part fragmented words. In the next exercise, you must produce words with only a set letter or letter combo. After your verbal recall is warmed up, the second to last section will challenge your ability to place words within a grid. This will require you to use both verbal memory and spatial memory. Finally, the last exercise combines these skills into a real-world experience on printed paper. Working in a restaurant requires both verbal and spatial memory skills. These adapted Restaurant exercises will help you practice all the skills used in this packet as you recall names, orders, and positions.

This packet is great for individuals with learning disabilities, students eight years or older, or individuals recovering from a stroke. Try it as a bridging activity as well.

Included inside: 20 worksheets and bridging questions.

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Why should I use your Memory Worksheets?

Key Features:

  • Scientifically Designed: Our worksheets are created based on neuropsychology industry-standard memory-enhancing techniques and strategies backed by scientific research. You can trust that your efforts are supported by the latest in cognitive psychology.

  • Comprehensive Exercises: This packet includes various memory-boosting exercises, ranging from simple memory games to advanced mnemonic techniques. Each worksheet is meticulously crafted to ensure gradual improvement.

  • Accessible for All Ages: Suitable for students, professionals, and seniors alike, our worksheets cater to a diverse audience. You can quickly start your memory improvement journey regardless of age or memory level.

  • Printable PDF Format: Receive instant access to our downloadable PDF worksheets, allowing you to print them at your convenience or complete them digitally.

Memory is a foundation of cognition. When it is ability is hindered by injury or disease, it can be challenging for individuals to engage. These worksheets may help you develop all aspects of memory. We have a memory worksheet for you, from verbal recall to spatial ability and more!

Enhance your collection of memory worksheets with these scientifically designed worksheets. Our worksheets are designed to be a printable version of our digital tool. Whether you are a professional looking to improve your client’s memory or you are looking to keep yourself sharp, these packets are designed for you. Most of our packets are geared towards Adults. However, some of these packets are suitable for preschoolers and young learners. Explore all of our packets because each packet has various memory activities.  

Do you have Additional Activities?

We have packets, minis, and bundles that focus on memory. You or your patients will love these packets! We also have a ton of other cognitive activities. Make sure to explore our entire library →

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Are These Memory Worksheets for Adults?

Yes! All of our memory worksheets are for adults. Each PDF is designed to be fun and engaging without being boring or childish. We believe that there are plenty of boring memory worksheets for adults, so we strive to develop fun and engaging worksheets.



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