Bridging Workbook

These workbooks are designed to help bridge cognitive exercises to real-life skills. 

grocery shopping worksheets

Our bridging workbooks are designed to help build life skills. In this bridging workbook, your patient will go grocery shopping. They will have to categorize the items they need to buy based on categories. Next, they must navigate the grocery store. Your patient must determine where each item is located within the store. The goal is to teach them how to plan their trip effectively.

Lastly, they will have to calculate the grocery bill. This section is broken into a couple of different segments.

  1. The first segment is simple multiplication skills to determine how much they spend on each item.
  2. The second segment is division skills to determine how much each type they can buy.
  3. The third segment is applying discounts to items they are buying.
  4. And the last second is totaling the entire bill.

After completing this packet, your patient may have a better understanding of what cognitive skills they need to implement to grocery shop. This packet will be great for students ages 10+, individuals working on life skills, and anyone who wants to build better grocery shopping skills.

What Is Bridging?

Bridging connects the cognitive skills practiced in a session to life skill activities. It allows your client to comprehend better the need and reason for completing cognitive skill activities. Bridging activities are a great way to help your client gain effective strategies to try in daily life for conquering related obstacles.

We believe all therapy should be translatable. That is why we created bridging workbooks.

What Are Bridging Workbooks?

We strategically develop our workbooks to help connect cognitive therapy to the real world. Each workbook has curated a series of exercises that target specific cognitive functions while focusing on a real-world problem.

These workbooks are excellent to use to facilitate generalization and help your patients solve problems that they encounter every day.



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