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Verbal Focus and Recall are the focus of this fun packet of worksheets. Your patients will have 35 unique pages of language-based exercises that may help with these skills. This packet will start by warming up their attention and sorting skills with some fun Private Eye and Hurray for Change exercises. After they complete those two segments, the harder verbal focus and recall exercises will begin. Your patient will decode a box of letters to find what word is embroidered within the grid. Verbal attention and verbal recall are challenged with these Embroidery exercises. Lastly, your patient will have to solve some Writing in the Stars exercises. Writing in the Stars will challenge your patient’s verbal processing, verbal attention, and verbal planning skills. 

We recommend this packet for kids aged 8+ and individuals who want to work on their verbal skills. 

Included inside: 35 worksheets and bridging questions.


Semantic (category) fluency and letter (phonemic) fluency are the focus of this worksheet packet. Displaced Characters is the first exercise. Your patient will have to read words on one side of the paper and figure out which word is missing on the other side. This game increases in difficulty when your patient has to do this with an entire sentence. Next, your patient will have to figure out what fragments of words can create full words in our printed version of Split Words. The following exercise in this worksheet packet is Decipher. Your patient will have to decipher these very long quotes from famous people. But don’t worry, we’ve given your patients hints. The last exercise works specifically on semantic or category fluency. Your patient will have to sort lists of words into categories.

This packet is excellent for elementary school students and children with reading disabilities. Individuals who have aphasia or have experienced a decline in verbal functioning skills may also find this packet enjoyable.

Included inside: 25 worksheets and bridging questions.


Are you looking for auditory processing activities? Embark on an auditory adventure with our captivating hybrid packet, “Who Can It Be Now?” Tailored to challenge and refine auditory processing skills, this unique activity immerses your patient in a world of voicemails. This mini provides a dynamic opportunity to enhance auditory processing, working memory, and attention skills.

Beginning with a delightful simplicity, the packet gradually intensifies as the voicemails lengthen and the questions become more intricate. This progressive structure ensures a gradual and enjoyable journey, allowing your patient to develop and master auditory processing skills at their own pace. If you find this hybrid packet enjoyable, check out the digital exercise. 

Why Choose Our Auditory Processing Activity:

  • Realistic Scenario Simulation: Mirror real-world scenarios with voicemails that emulate everyday auditory challenges.
  • Progressive Learning: The packet adapts to your patient’s proficiency level, ensuring continuous growth in auditory processing skills.

Adaptable for All Skill Levels:

Our hybrid packet is versatile and accommodates various skill levels. With this in mind, we believe children ages 7+ and adults will enjoy the auditory processing activities.

Included inside: 3 voicemail videos, 3 activities, and bridging questions.

Extend the auditory exploration with our library of auditory processing activities designed to stimulate and strengthen listening skills. Elevate your patient’s auditory processing abilities and explore the world of sound with our engaging collection →


Challenge your patient’s visual scanning and semantic memory in this mini packet! Your client must scan the letter grid to determine what word is hidden within the grid. These worksheets are printable versions of our digital exercise, Embroidery. As your client progresses, the hints will decrease, and the difficulty of the words will increase. This entire packet is around the theme of objects found within the ocean.

This packet will be great for individuals looking to challenge their ability to use their visual scanning ability and draw information and conclude what words are presented. Use this within your post-stroke support groups, inside of your classrooms of middle schoolers, or as an earth day activity to do with your patients.

Include inside: 10 worksheets, answer keys, and bridging questions.


Challenge your patient’s ability to visually break apart words and deductively place them on the chart. Based on our digital exercise, Writing in the Stars,  this packet is a great way to challenge your patient’s deductive spatial reasoning skills! Clients must determine which word could fit in which space on the star. At first, some of the charts come prefilled. Eventually,  there will not be any assistance, and your patient has to choose words from the word bank. The progression of the packet increases slightly. The goal is that by the end of the exercise, your patient will feel more confident using their deductive skills. We love this exercise in our digital tool. If your patients enjoy this packet, they will love playing this activity digitally.

This packet is great for students ages 12 and older. Individuals looking for fun brain deductive spatial reasoning activities will enjoy the challenges within these pages. Additionally, we hope your patients will enjoy using this packet in a session with you or as part of their home exercises.

Included inside: 4 worksheets and bridging questions.


Can you remember a shopping list? What about the locations of different items on that list? Sharpen your verbal memory and executive function skills with this word and spatial memorization task, based on the exercise Words Where Are You? This exercise focuses on executive functioning skills such as working memory, attention, and task initiation!


Ready to be an editor? Miss MadLibs? Read different passages and fill in the blanks with this fun verbal reasoning activity. This exercise focuses on executive functioning skills such as working memory, attention, and metacognition. This is perfect for anyone looking to hone their verbal processing skills as well as working memory abilities!


Language is essential for us to communicate our wants and needs. It can be challenging to express or care for oneself without being able to communicate. This is a general language-based bundle aimed at helping get your general language skills warmed up.

Bundle + Save

Bundles are a great way to buy more and save more! If you were to buy all of these packets separately, you would pay more than $70. Because we’ve bundled it, you’re getting an instant saving of over 20%! Our bundles are designed to help you buy workbooks for your patients.

What’s included inside: Instant PDF downloads of 6 packets or 77 unique worksheets.  


Dive into a captivating journey of verbal memory with our mini packet, meticulously crafted to challenge your ability to recall words. Drawing inspiration from the engaging game Root It Out, these worksheets serve as exceptional word retrieval exercises for adults, offering a dynamic platform to enhance linguistic skills.

The primary objective of these worksheets is to stimulate verbal memory by generating as many words as possible from given starting letters. With each exercise, you’ll embark on a quest to retrieve and articulate words, honing your ability to recall and express vocabulary effectively.

Versatile Applications:

Ideal for Aphasia treatment activities in therapy groups, individual practice sessions, or learning disability classes, these worksheets offer versatile applications. Whether navigating therapy sessions or seeking self-improvement, this mini packet provides invaluable support for word retrieval challenges.

These exercises enrich language and integrate executive functioning and working memory activities, ensuring holistic cognitive engagement. With each thought-provoking task, you will strengthen your cognitive skills while enhancing your verbal memory proficiency.

Embark on Your Word Retrieval Journey:

Elevate your verbal memory skills with our dynamic word retrieval exercises for adults PDF. Whether you’re navigating therapy sessions or seeking self-improvement opportunities, these worksheets offer invaluable support for enhancing linguistic proficiency. Explore our collection today and embark on a transformative journey toward enhanced verbal memory and cognitive agility.

Included inside: 3 pages of a variety of difficulties and bridging questions

If you like this worksheet, make sure to check out our other language worksheets → 


Ready for a holiday challenge? Practice your skills in speech recognition, verbal memory, and grammatical attention in this language holiday-themed packet based on the exercise Seize the Keywords. This packet focuses on executive functioning skills such as working memory and task initiation. If you are looking to try something new or to challenge your speech recognition and verbal memory skills, this is the packet for you!


We designed this packet as a life skills activity workbook that may improve verbal working memory skills. This packet aims to challenge your client’s ability to remember, recall, and relocate words. Individuals in the food service industry often use these skills.

The first exercise will challenge your verbal memory as your patient combines fragments to make logical words. This progresses from easy two-fragment words to three-part fragmented words. In the next exercise, you must produce words with only a set letter or letter combo. After your verbal recall is warmed up, the second to last section will challenge your ability to place words within a grid. This will require you to use both verbal memory and spatial memory. Finally, the last exercise combines these skills into a real-world experience on printed paper. Working in a restaurant requires both verbal and spatial memory skills. These adapted Restaurant exercises will help you practice all the skills used in this packet as you recall names, orders, and positions.

This packet is great for individuals with learning disabilities, students eight years or older, or individuals recovering from a stroke. Try it as a bridging activity as well.

Included inside: 20 worksheets and bridging questions.

Looking for additional resources? Check out our other working memory worksheets here →

Are you looking for verbal reasoning activities? Then look no further. Verbal reasoning is how we can understand complex sentences. As you read, your brain breaks apart the complexity into smaller and easy-to-digest. This packet is filled with exercises that may help to improve verbal reasoning skills.

The first exercise is based on the digital exercise, Hurray for Change. In this exercise, you must correctly sequence letters, words, and numbers alphabetically and numerically. We put this exercise first to help warm up your brain, as you will use these skills later in the packet. After this exercise, you will have three other verbal reasoning activities. We hope this packet will help you learn strategies to think critically by using the given information, process information effectively, and then take affirmative action.

This packet will be great for kids 8+, individuals who have had a stroke, or individuals who have aphasia. Additionally, individuals with executive functioning deficits, trouble processing verbal information, or anyone who wants to challenge their verbal reasoning skills may enjoy these activities as well.

Included inside: 22 worksheets and bridging questions.

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HappyNeuron's cognitive worksheet packets

HappyNeuron Pro worksheets are based on exercises from our digital tool. They are designed to be used by clinicians to help clients stimulate, build, or rebuild the foundation of different cognitive functions.

Cognitive therapy may lead to an improved quality of life for patients. We aim to empower clinicians by helping them save time and making it easier to provide cognitive therapy. Therefore, we design our worksheets and digital exercises to be engaging and relevant. Through our tools and the cognitive therapy that clinicians provide, patients can practice the cognitive skills needed for daily functioning and may see improvement.

Find the perfect cognitive worksheet packets for your client

We create a wide variety of worksheets for numerous cognitive domains and conditions. If you’re searching for a specific cognitive skill, use the filters on the left. If you’re looking for worksheets to help with a specific condition, we recommend you look at our worksheet bundles, which are collections of packets to address specific skills or conditions.



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