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Earth Day meets cognitive training in this mini. In this mini, participants will test their semantic knowledge and visual attention by sorting various waste items into color-coordinated bins. As the number of bins increases, so does the specificity of the items that can and should be placed in each one. This attention-based worksheet packet reinforces the importance of recycling and challenges cognitive skills related to categorization and organization.

About Secret Files

Inspired by our popular digital exercise, Secret Files, this engaging recycling activity packet combines fun and education of proper recycling ways for individuals of all ages. Sorting items based on their category is an essential skill we use every day. Working on these activities might be a great addition to your therapy worksheet collection.

Earth Day Uses

Perfect for celebrating Earth Day or as a standalone educational activity, this recycling packet is suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. Preschoolers and seniors alike will enjoy these recycling worksheets’ vibrant colors and interactive nature.

You’ll find 5 engaging recycling activities and thought-provoking bridging questions in this packet. Dive into the world of recycling education and environmental awareness with this captivating worksheet packet today! Check out our other sorting activities today! → 


Do you have a knack for puzzles and problem-solving? Put your client’s visual-spatial and deductive reasoning skills to the test with our engaging Mini: Visual Reasoning Puzzles! Designed to challenge your visual reasoning skills. This activity is perfect for individuals seeking to enhance their reasoning skills. Based on our digital exercise, “Entangled Figures” you’ll see the real-world bridging of our digital exercise.

For an enhanced experience, we recommend printing out a duplicate of this page and cutting out the puzzle pieces. This hands-on approach allows your client to physically manipulate the pieces, facilitating a deeper understanding and engagement with the task.

Suitable for a wide range of individuals, including kids aged 8 and above, adults, non-verbal individuals, and non-English speakers. This activity can be incorporated into group therapy, one-on-one sessions, or remote therapy sessions.

Inside this mini bundle, you’ll find 4 captivating visual reasoning puzzles accompanied by thought-provoking bridging questions. Dive into the world of visual-spatial activities and elevate your cognitive skills today!

If you enjoy this activity, be sure to explore our library of other visual-spatial activities for a wealth of engaging challenges and cognitive exercises! → 


Step into the holiday spirit with our festive and engaging activity: Holiday Scene Search! Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes as you embark on a search for hidden presents and decorative items in each holiday scene. This fun and interactive worksheet sharpens executive functioning skills while spreading holiday cheer. Based on our digital exercise, Private Eye, your client will have a blast discovering this scene and searching for the items in question.

What is trained? 

As you navigate through the holiday scenes, you’ll exercise essential executive functioning skills, including attention to detail, visual perception, and cognitive flexibility. By honing these skills, your client will not only become a master at finding hidden treasures. You may also engage your client’s ability to stay organized and attentive in various tasks and activities.

Whether you’re preparing holiday cards, organizing decorations, or simply enjoying the festive season, Holiday Scene Search offers a delightful way to challenge your client’s cognitive abilities while indulging in the holiday spirit. We believe that this mini will be great for all ages! Children aged 3+ will love the scene exploration.

What’s inside: 6 pages and bridging questions

Are you looking for other Christmas-themed activities? Check out our other Christmas worksheets → 


Working memory is the cornerstone of cognitive function, essential for tasks that require attention, problem-solving, and learning. At Happy Neuron Pro, we’re committed to helping you improve your client’s working memory. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted this packet, poised to become an invaluable resource in your therapeutic arsenal, tailored to enhance lexicon working memory through engaging exercises.

Tailored Exercises for Lexicon Working Memory Enhancement:

Within this packet, discover a curated selection of four dynamic exercises meticulously designed to target different facets of working memory:

  1. Chunking: Sharpen your attention and visual-spatial skills as you study the location of items on a grid. This is a fun way to engage spatial memory.
  2. Split Words: It is one thing to remember words. It is another to put fragments of words together. Challenge memory retention by assembling word fragments. With the digital exercise, try transforming this traditional fun into an immersive digital experience.
  3. Root It Out:  Exercise word recall abilities by retrieving words starting with specific letters, fostering linguistic agility and verbal memory.
  4. Decipher:  Strengthen verbal memory through decoding mystery words, enhancing cognitive flexibility and linguistic proficiency.

Recommended for All Ages 10 and Above:

Tailored for individuals aged 10 and beyond, this packet caters to a diverse audience seeking to bolster their lexicon working memory. Whether navigating personal memory enhancement or guiding others through cognitive rehabilitation, our exercises offer valuable support and tangible results.

Included inside: 14 lexicon working memory worksheets and bridging questions

Looking for additional resources? Expand your repertoire of working memory activities with our diverse range of worksheets. Uncover tailored exercises crafted to elevate cognitive function and support lasting memory enhancement. See our other working memory worksheets here →



Amidst the whirlwind of holiday festivities, maintain your focus with our captivating executive functioning task: Number-Letter Switching Activities! Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of whimsical holiday backgrounds as you seamlessly transition between numbers and letters in this invigorating activity. Crafted to elevate cognitive flexibility, this exercise empowers you with effective strategies to navigate through varying stimuli and fend off distractions from the vibrant seasonal setting.

Drawing inspiration from our digital exercise, Hurray for Change, this task offers a dynamic way to sharpen your cognitive skills while immersing yourself in holiday cheer. Whether you’re a child, a senior, or an individual grappling with attention and task-switching deficits, this activity provides a valuable opportunity to refine time management and organizational skills.

Inside this mini, you’ll discover 8 captivating number-letter switching activities paired with thought-provoking bridging questions. Prepare to embark on a festive journey filled with mental agility and holiday delight!

Don’t miss out on the holiday fun—explore our collection of Christmas-themed worksheets for more festive challenges! → 


Introducing the All-inclusive Worksheet Bundle for all worksheets developed in 2020: Elevate your Therapy and Save Big!

Look no further than the 2020 Worksheets by HappyNeuron Pro Bundle – the ultimate collection of educational resources designed to help stimulate cognitive functions and enhance your therapy sessions. And the best part? By purchasing this comprehensive bundle, you can save big while gaining access to a wealth of knowledge!

What’s included inside: Instant PDF downloads of 26 packets or 223 unique worksheets.  


Mental movement is a complex cognitive skill needed to plan things out. It helps with visual-spatial skills and the ability to organize information, make mental-visual comparisons, and overall decisions based upon order or comparison.

In this worksheet, we’re providing you with 4 exercises to use with your clients to practice strategies related to mental movement, whether mentally moving a ball from one hoop to another or remembering where objects are placed. You are using language clues and space markers to solve a sentence. Or even mentally reflecting on a pattern, this packet has all that and more. Your client will be exposed to different task requirements, all sharing the underlying component of mentally moving objects.

This worksheet challenges: working memory, attention, visual-spatial skills, and language.

Included inside: 19 worksheets and bridging questions


Are you a good baker? Put together various pies in as few moves as possible. Be careful! Don’t forget the toppings! Clients will learn all about organization, metacognition, and attention to detail during this exercise. This packet will challenge your ability to plan and make decisions, which are key components of executive functioning.


Prepare for a cinematic adventure at an international film awards show with our engaging worksheet! As you immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of the event, you’ll be tasked with remembering verbal and visual information related to the various awards and their recipients. This exercise is a valuable opportunity to hone your memory skills and develop strategies for recalling specific details in a given context.

From the names of the awards to the individuals who receive them, this worksheet will challenge you to retain and recall intricate details associated with each prestigious honor. By practicing this exercise, you’ll enhance your ability to remember verbal and visual information and refine your overall memory recall strategies.

Join us on this cinematic journey and discover the thrill of remembering key details amidst the excitement of an international film awards ceremony. With popcorn in hand and your memory skills ready, you will surely enjoy this immersive and entertaining activity.

Our digital exercise, “I Remember You,” inspired this mini. From recalling names and faces, everyone uses this activity daily.


Use the worksheets in this packet to help practice inference skills. Your patient must use their semantic memory, visual attention, and verbal processing skills to complete the exercises in this packet. We’ve used exercises like Writing in the Stars and Embroidery to help your patient work on verbal inference skills. Basketball in NY works on sequencing inferring skills. Our last activity, Decipher, is our ultimate decoding and inferring task. If your patient loves this packet, they will enjoy our digital program!

This packet is great for students in 5th grade or older. Individuals who want to work on their language skills after a stroke. Or anyone who wants to try decoding these fun language exercises.


Included inside: 12 language worksheets and bridging questions.


Dive into the depths of memory with our engaging fish-themed mini! Designed to challenge patients and therapists alike, this mini offers a fun and immersive way to test your ability to remember different types of fish. With vivid imagery and captivating exercises, you’ll feel like you’re exploring an aquarium as you work through each worksheet.

Adaptable and versatile, this mini can be used independently or combined with the digital version “Gulf Stream“. Whether you want to enhance your client’s working memory or sharpen their attention skills, these activities provide valuable cognitive stimulation in an enjoyable format.

Inside, you’ll find 8 dynamic worksheets that will transport you to an underwater world filled with colorful fish. Each activity offers a unique opportunity to flex your memory muscles, from identifying different species to recalling their characteristics. This mini will be great for kids as young as 3 and as old as 103! Download it today to have fun looking at fishes during your therapy groups or one-on-one sessions!

Challenge yourself or your clients with these engaging exercises, and watch your client’s memory skills flourish! Check out our other Gulf Stream activities today! → 


Can you remember the number line? Sort even or odd numbers in ascending or descending order. Clients will use executive functioning skills such as attention and working memory as they work to complete the exercises. This packet will help you learn to sequence numbers and distinguish between even and odd numbers.

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HappyNeuron's cognitive worksheet packets

HappyNeuron Pro worksheets are based on exercises from our digital tool. They are designed to be used by clinicians to help clients stimulate, build, or rebuild the foundation of different cognitive functions.

Cognitive therapy may lead to an improved quality of life for patients. We aim to empower clinicians by helping them save time and making it easier to provide cognitive therapy. Therefore, we design our worksheets and digital exercises to be engaging and relevant. Through our tools and the cognitive therapy that clinicians provide, patients can practice the cognitive skills needed for daily functioning and may see improvement.

Find the perfect cognitive worksheet packets for your client

We create a wide variety of worksheets for numerous cognitive domains and conditions. If you’re searching for a specific cognitive skill, use the filters on the left. If you’re looking for worksheets to help with a specific condition, we recommend you look at our worksheet bundles, which are collections of packets to address specific skills or conditions.



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