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If you’re seeking comprehensive speech therapy exercises for adults, you’re in the right place. Our PDF downloads cover a wide spectrum of speech exercises, from articulation to fluency. These resources are an great addition on your journey to better speech and communication therapy sessions.

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Executive functions




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These linguistics worksheets involve memory, attention, executive functioning, and auditory processing. You can use this packet to work with your clients on relevant cognitive skills to improve their linguistic abilities. This might help them improve their language comprehension and usage. If you enjoy the Writing in the Stars exercises, you’ll love using them on our digital platform with your patients.

Great for students age 10+, individuals with aphasia, or anyone wanting to improve their linguistic skills.

Included inside: 7 worksheets and bridging questions.


Information retention and recall are essential for everyday tasks. We hope you will enjoy using this memory packet for your cognitive rehabilitation needs. After using these printable memory worksheets, you can work with your client to develop effective memorization and recall strategies to hopefully improve their ability to store and use information when needed.

This worksheet is helpful for any client who would like to improve and adapt their strategies for memory. Due to the low verbal nature of this packet, it will be a great tool to use with kids! Preschoolers would have a blast playing with this packet. If you like this packet, check our library of other printable memory worksheets and try our digital tool!

Included: 18 worksheets and bridging worksheets.


Love is in the air! While your mind may be thinking of someone else today, make a date to sharpen your cognitive skills with these Valentine’s Day worksheets. Our most favored exercises within this packet take on a delightful Valentine’s Day twist. Delve into the enchanting realm of language as you seek out adjectives that describe the sentiments of the heart. Unlock the secrets of scrambled letters to form words. Stimulate your memory as you have to give adjectives to gifts often received on valentines day. Experience the rhythmic thrill of helping people fall in love or rekindle their love by taking their orders.  a task that harmoniously blends the art of communication with a touch of Valentine’s Day merriment. And for those who crave a mental challenge, a tantalizing logic exercise promises to captivate your intellect.

This worksheet works well for various audiences! Try it with your cognitive therapy groups, individuals with aphasia, and anyone who cherish the spirit of Valentine’s Day. We recommend this packet for children 8+. We also think it would be great to use with individuals learning enlgish.

Include inside: 11 worksheets and bridging questions.

If you enjoy this packet, check out our other themed packets →


Are you looking for Christmas therapy activities or worksheets? If so, ring in the holidays with these festive Christmas cognitive activities for your clients! Work on memory, executive function, and language skills. Your patient will have fun jingling their mental bells by completing these Christmas activities. Your patient will love playing the festive edition of Entangled Figures and Elephant Memory!

This fun Christmas therapy worksheet is great for groups, one-on-ones, and remotely.

Included inside: 21 worksheets and bridging questions.


This mainly language and a little bit of attention packet touches on many different areas of language. In this packet, your patient will have to use their crossword puzzle skills and solve some Writing in the Stars Puzzles. This puzzle will challenge your patient to remember and see how different words could align to help solve a puzzle. They will then have their semantic familiarity challenged. They will have to recall the names of the presented camel and ask questions about it. This second is a great area to start challenging what your patient can and cannot identify or recognize between animals. After they answer the questions about the animals, they will then have to sort out a list of words into the proper categories in a Secret Files puzzle. Lastly, your patient will have to use their attention and language skills to solve a palindromes puzzle and find the absurd terms in a passage.


We hope you enjoy our thanksgiving themed cognitive worksheet. Each exercise targets a different area of cognitive skills related to language. And each exercise has a fun thanksgiving twist. This packet will be great for anyone who is looking for fun activities to stimulate seniors, help individuals overcome cognitive decline, or engage their language skills in a fun and exciting way. We love to design holiday-specific, and we hope you enjoy this packet! Explore our library of themed packets today! 

Included inside: 14 worksheets and bridging questions.

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What do you offer for Speech Therapist?

We have packets, mini packets, bridging packets, or bundles that focus on all elements of language. Therefore our PDF downloads cover a wide spectrum of speech therapy exercises, from articulation to fluency enhancement. With this intention, we believe our resources are an invaluable aid on your journey to improving individuals speech and communication skills. 

Who uses these speech therapy worksheets?

These worksheets are used by Speech Therapists around the globe. Speech therapists use our worksheets with individuals who have had a stroke, have aphasia, or just want to improve the word retrieval of their clients.

Now, are you looking for more than just language? If so, Check out all of our worksheets here! 

Do you have other activities?

Yes, we do! All of our worksheets are based on our digital tool, HappyNeuron Pro. If you enjoy using these worksheets we highly recommend checking out the capabilities of our digital tool. 

Why do you have Cognitive Speech Therapy Activities for Adults?

Cognitive functions play a significant role in effective communication. Without cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, and auditory, language skills would not exist. With this in mind, we want to make sure that our PDFs also include cognitive task that may help all different types of cognition. Therefore, if you enjoy these PDFs, check out our digital language activities here →

Why Choose Happy Neuron Pro's Speech Therapy Worksheets?
  • Expertly Designed: Our exercises are created by experts who understand the unique needs of adults.

  • Convenient PDF Format: Download, print, and practice whenever and wherever you prefer.

  • Proven Results: Countless individuals have benefited from our resources, experiencing improved word retrieval and speech skills. Read some our testimonials →

  • Some are Completely Free: We offer 2 minis free a month, enjoy the benefits of our PDF downloads at no cost to you.



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